Human + Machine Workforce Xtrategy Think Tank

By-Invitation-Only Executives Think Tank on the Evolving Data-driven Human + Machine Workforce



The Human + Machine Workforce Xtrategy Think Tank is designed to discuss and share best practices, data, trends, and perspectives on how advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, blockchain, and other disrupting technologies, are impacting business strategies and the workforce.
The goal is to create a discussion forum where enterprise, non-profit, and government leaders share best practices on how data-driven human + machine initiatives are impacting strategic planning and the workforce, and to anticipate the evolving IT occupations and reduce the tech talent gap and unemployment.

Our Mission

The Human + Machine Workforce Xtrategy Think Thank is an independent group of leaders that periodically meet to share best practices and trends on how intelligent and disruptive technologies impact the collaboration of humans and data-driven machines and discuss and debate perspectives on strategy implications and business-related issues.